Barb Baranski

My service prices are considered $$$ Competitive
I am based in Raleigh
Areas I serve: Anywhere
Availability for onsite work: Occasional meetings

My background

Developing, enhancing, and maintaining web sites built with Drupal, Wordpress, Shopify and other technologies for both large and small clients. I work with clients to understand their specific needs and tailor a solution to meet those needs.

My ideal engagements

Working with a non-profit or small business to create an online presence that will help them engage their audiences effectively. We'd start by understanding the needs of the organization and their specific audiences, craft a strategy based on that, and then make it so.

If possible, I like to work through this discovery process without having already defined the tools to use (e.g., Wordpress or Drupal or Shopify etc.) so we can make the best choice based on your needs.

I'm happy to help maintain content if needed, but I really enjoy helping clients learn how to use the website effectively - only needing my support when they want to add something new or more complicated.