about triangle web pros

while "word of mouth" is great, often being an independent technical professional leaves you isolated from fellow professionals, and developing and maintaining a network becomes a job in itself.


triangle web pros helps by offering some visibility beyond your own network, as well as connections that go beyond a directory listing or job board. How?

Mastermind calls

In addition to the public directory, we offer a monthly mastermind call, where we connect with each other, learn about our strength and skills, help each other with any needs we may have, and aim to grow our respective businesses collaboratively. Calls are recorded and shared with other members, so you can hear what you missed, but it's better to join in when you can.

Face to face get togethers

We'll also schedule regular face to face meetings - usually a lunch or dinner - in various parts of the Triangle region so we can benefit from getting to know one another beyond just a photo on a website. These are planned to be monthly, but might be ad-hoc as scheduling permits.

Inexpensive, but not free

We all love free, but we've all been part of 'free' services that get clogged up with empty profiles and time-wasters. By charging a small monthly fee, we can keep our network focused on providing value for our members and for our potential clients. Currently, our fee is $7/month (basically the cost of a lunch out), or $57/year. If you're not yet joined up, please consider registering today.


Give us an email at info@trianglewebpros.com